Statistical Services

Superior statistical experimental design and analysis are at the heart of McDougall's service offerings. We provide comprehensive statistical services; from power and sample size estimation through the analysis, interpretation, and final report. Our statisticians are all professionally accredited through the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) and are rigorously trained, keeping them abreast of recent advances in adaptive experimental designs, non-linear mixed models, missing data methods, simulation-based testing, and Bayesian methods, to name a few.

McDougall statisticians have the experience and knowledge to address statistical design and analysis issues in many research areas, including:

Clinical Research: pre-clinical, phase I to IV trials, trial design, sample size estimation, randomization (including tamper-proof double-blind envelopes), modeling, testing, programming (double-programming to ensure accuracy of results), documentation, reporting; all supported by documented and compliant Standard Operating Procedures

Data Integration: managing multiple data sources, integrated safety and efficacy reports, CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium) compliant, submission-ready data sets

Observational / Registry Studies:
identifying risk factors, evidence-based medicine

Health Records Research: data mining, predictive analytics, forecasting

Risk Management Support: Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS)

Surveys: questionnaire and survey design, analysis, reporting

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