Mission and Values

Our mission

We are a Canadian statistical consulting firm working as partners in national and international pharmaceutical research. We are valued for our in-depth knowledge and expertise in clinical research and leadership in information management. We are innovative and competitive producing work of excellent quality.

Our values

Fiscal Responsibility
Ensuring corporate stability and longevity for our clients and ourselves through sound fiscal management, transparent accountability and well-valued services and support

Passion for Science
Understanding our client's passion for the power of discovery and sharing that drive for knowledge through continuous learning and the execution of innovative business processes

Intellectual Discipline
Recognizing our personal responsibility for critical analysis, by initiating a task only when it is thoroughly understood, so that an optimally efficient "plan-do-check" strategy can be executed

Respectful Workplace
Providing a place where staff and clients know that they are accepted and valued in a climate of honesty, openness, courtesy and respect for the diversity of cultures and relationship styles that are resident within the company

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