Automated Randomization and Drug Supply Management

Your study team will easily collect and transmit information via telephone or the Internet using McDougall's Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) or Interactive Web Response System (IWRS).

Use this powerful technology to:

  • Randomize study subjects
  • Monitor enrolment and subject status
  • Manage inventory and shipment of clinical trial supplies
  • Collect and store study information
  • Execute emergency code break procedures
  • Automatically send notifications and confirmations triggered by specific actions or events (for example, email or fax confirming subject randomization)

Our IVRS and IWRS accommodate validated randomization methods, treatment allocation schemes, and trial supply management algorithms of any complexity. These systems are also supported by tamper-proof double-blind envelopes custom designed to McDougall's requirements and standards.

McDougall maintains these secure interactive systems in a validated state according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's 21 CFR 11 and PIC/S's Annex 11, which has been adopted by Health Canada and European regulatory agencies. A web-based tutorial, as well as initial training, is included with your IVRS or IWRS, customized to your study's specifications.

Contact us to learn more about utilizing these innovative tools to streamline your studies.

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