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McDougall Scientific began as a registered company in 1984. The focus of the business, which is still true 25+ years later, was to provide superior statistical consulting and data management services to research-focused clients. From the beginning, McDougall implemented a Plan-Do-Check methodology, which continues to be the backbone of McDougall's Quality System today.

To accommodate projects of increasing size, complexity, and diversity, McDougall incorporated in 1987 and moved to larger quarters. Since then, McDougall has expanded its headquarters twice (1992 and 2002) and continues to grow in terms of the number of projects, staff, computing infrastructure and the adoption of statistical (adaptive clinical designs and predictive analytics) and technological innovations.
McDougall continues to be a leader in innovation:

  • 1993 McDougall purchases its own Internet domain; owns 200+ IP addresses
  • 2004 First Canadian Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), using the
    BCM Nortel platform
  • 2006 Validated randomization and drug supply distribution services via the IVRS
  • 2009 First Canadian firm, and first CRO, to join the SAFE-Biopharma Organization, adopting digital signature technology
  • 2010 First Canadian CRO to offer document management as a hosted service

The key to McDougall's success continues to be the people; staff committed to progressive productivity through planning and the appropriate application of technology, dedicated to excellence in all aspects of data handling, programming, analysis, client relations, and diligence in compliance.

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